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We provide low-cost surveillance, monitoring, training and reporting for commodity-based operations, utilities and real estate through Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAVs.

Certified Training

Starting from 2017, all commercial UAV/Drone operators in Canada must complete 'Compliant Operators' ground school. We are happy to offer our comperhansive training programs - no previous flight or UAV experience required.

Operating Area

We operate Canada-wide! Contact us to find out how we can help your business!

A few words from our President...

Canadian UAVs is an aviation first, unmanned airline company which has been working with local and federal stakeholders, to commercially scale up our remote asset monitoring services. We are pleased to announce today that our efforts to institutionalize this technology safely in civil airspace, have been recognized and rewarded by the federal regulator.

Sean Greenwood, President of Canadian UAVs

Due to our in-house combined military and commercial, manned and unmanned aviation backgrounds, the most advanced Lockheed Martin unmanned aircraft systems and a constant drive to evolve our aerial solutions, we have been able to demonstrate today the most logical operating structure for BVLOS on the market.

Sean Greenwood, President of Canadian UAVs

Going BVLOS has technically been solved for some time with regards to powerful communications links and autopilot hardware. Canadian UAVs has been focused on creating an end-to-end paradigm in coordination with Transport Canada to conduct these operations outside of Restricted Military Airspace where our customers have a substantial regulatory and logistical needs to acquire actionable data.

Sean Greenwood, President of Canadian UAVs

With over 100 years of aviation experience in-house, we service Canada and its unique environmental and regulatory requirements. Enjoy the benefits of this novel technology with the peace of mind that compliant, safe personnel are conducting the operations. We are the institutional aviation company your business needs to acquire pivotal, actionable data.

Sean Greenwood, President of Canadian UAVs

UAVs are aircraft and introducing aircraft into the National Airspace is regulated, for good reason. UAVs still require a ‘human in the loop’ and that person should be well trained in ‘Aviation First’ skills, as having data is only useful if it’s repeatable, safe and legal.

Sean Greenwood, President of Canadian UAVs

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