The best UAVs on the market

Canadian UAVs has spared no expense getting the best. The Indago Unmanned Systems from Lockheed Martin proves our intent. With the most robust autopilot, air-frame and software, this military grade UAV is the safest means for acquiring data in its class.

Canadian UAVs employs Lockheed Martin CDL Systems UAV control software called mGCS which has more than one million hours of operational use. This is the most widely used UAV control system for the United States and Canadian Military. We believe that our customers deserve the peace of mind that every link in the chain of our UAV operations has been vetted and comprehensively structured to ensure compliance and safety.

See these UAV in action:

Thermal Images using FLIR Systems camera:

High definition images with visible light cameras:

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  • Nam Pham
    Posted December 16, 2019 9:57 am 0Likes

    Dear Canadian UAVS,

    I am Mr. Nam, working as Project Manager of Vinetek Ltd in Vietnam, we are specialized in importing high-tech products and providing to the Vietnam army and police forces. Currently, we are having a potential project of purchasing SAR equipment/ system, a part of the project is to equip the end-user an appropriate UAV for their missions. After researching on the Internet, I have found out your Indago is one of the best suits for our end user’s target. If our end-user chooses your UAV, they may start by purchasing 5-10 units next year and will be more for the coming years.

    Therefore, I would write this email to ask you to provide a quotation for purchasing 10 Indago UAVs and also its technical documentation. Please reply to me via the provided email addresses, and if possible, please add my Whatsapp and Viber number of +84962325767 for easier to discuss.

    Best regards,


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