This course is designed to take persons without any aviation licensing and educate them with the aviation tools they need to not only be compliant with Transport Canada but to operate safely as a commercial operator.

The course offers the same training material as our in-classroom course with narrations and chapter quizzes. This online medium enables you to take the course at your own pace and convenience.

As we are not allowed to issue the Radio Operator’s Certificate exam online as it is a government test that must be administered in person. You will be required to set up this in person examination independently.




Are you considering using UAVs for your business? Interested in obtaining your UAV pilots license but not available for the in-class course? En-roll in the online course and become Transport Canada compliant at your own pace.

This course is designed for those with no UAV or flight experience, or those with lots of flight experience, just not with UAVs. This course covers all Transport Canada knowledge requirements for becoming a UAV pilot and ensures that you will be ready to apply for your first Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) for commercial UAV use.

The course offers the same training material as our in-classroom course with narrations and chapter quizzes. This online medium enables you to take the course at your own pace and convenience.

Becoming compliant today is one of the most important factors in keeping yourself and the airspace safe. Upon completion of the course, a course certificate will be issues for distribution to Transport Canada or potential clients.

How do I activate the course? No activation is needed. Upon purchase, our system will send instructions by email to the email address you indicated at checkout. Please insure you have access to that email account or contact support if you’ve lost access or did not receive an email.

Course Length: self paced, unlimited

Course Location: uav.university

Course Dates: N/A

Course Prerequisites: 18 years of age

Course Post-Requisites 
Category 4 aviation medical (please find the form here)

Radio Operators Certificate (see information below)

Course Syllabus:

1.1 Air Regulations
1.2 Air Navigation Orders
1.3 NOTAM, A.I.C., Aviation Notices
1.4 Air Traffic Services
1.5 Personnel Licensing Handbook

2.1 Airframes
2.2 Landing Gear and Brake
2.3 Engines-Reciprocating
2.4 Engines-Turbine
2.5 Carburetion
2.6 Fuel Injection
2.7 Electrical Systems
2.8 Lubricating Systems and Oils
2.9 Fuel Systems and Fuels
2.10 Transmissions
2.11 Hydraulics
2.12 Other Aircraft Systems

3.1 Principles of Flight
3.2 Definitions – Helicopter Aerodynamics
3.3 Load, Factor
3.4 Flight Controls

4.1 Pitot Static System
4.2 Airspeed Indicator
4.3 Vertical Speed Indicator
4.4 Altimeter
4.5 Magnetism
4.6 Direct Reading Magnetic Compass
4.7 Gyroscope
4.8 Heading Indicator
4.9 Attitude Indicator
4.10 Turn and Bank Indicator
4.11 Flight Instruments / Instrument Flying

5.1 The Earth’s Atmosphere
5.2 Atmospheric Pressure
5.3 Meteorological Aspects of Altimetry
5.4 Temperature
5.5 Moisture
5.6 Stability and Instability
5.7 Clouds
5.8 Turbulence
5.9 Wind
5.10 Air Masses
5.11 Fronts
5.12 Frontal Weather
5.13 Icing
5.14 Thunderstorms
5.15 Hurricanes and Tornadoes
5.16 Squall Lines
5.17 Surface Based Layers
5.18 Meteorological Services available to Pilots
5.19 Aviation Weather Reports
5.20 Aviation Forecasts
5.21 Weather Maps and Prognostic Charts

Radio Operator’s Certificate (ROC-A)

In order to be a commercial UAV operator, Transport Canada requires that you pass the Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC-A) exam before applying for your SFOC for commercial operation. This exam cannot be taken online, and thus is not offered through the Canadian UAVs Online Compliant Operators Training. While this exam cannot be taken online, the online university portal contains all the necessary study information for the exam. This exam must be administered by a registered examiner with Transport Canada. See the Q&A below for a link to find an accredited examiner.

Q. I am interested in taking the Restricted Operator Certificate – Aeronautical (ROC-A) examination?  How can I prepare myself for the exam and where can it be administered?  Also, is there an associated cost for the examination?

A. In order to prepare for the ROC-A exam, it is recommended that you study the Radio Information Circular 21 (RIC-21) Study Guide for the Restricted Operator Certificate With Aeronautical Qualification (ROC-A). You can search for an examiner in your area from the Accredited Examiners page. The ROC-A examination may consist of written, practical, and oral exercises.  Accredited examiners may charge a fee in order to recover the cost of administering an examination.

Q. I require a copy of a certificate after writing my exam and I understand that an Accredited Examiner is not authorized to issue a temporary certificate.  What does the examiner give me if I need a copy of my certificate by the end of the week?

A. The examiner is to email the temporary certificate request by providing the new certificate confirmation number to the Radio Operator Certificate Service Centre.  The certificate will be produced and sent to you by fax or email and the original copy of your certificate will be sent by mail.

Q. I would like to apply to become an accredited radio operator certificate examiner (aeronautical) to administer and mark exams on behalf of my employer.  Please advise me as to what the procedures are?

A. To become an Accredited Examiner one must hold a ROC-A.  RIC-20 Guide for Examiners Conducting Examinations for the Radiotelephone Operator’s Restricted Certificate (Aeronautical) is the document that gives information for Accredited Examiners. Please submit an application to become an accredited examiner which can be found on the Accredited Examiners page. You will then be contacted by an Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada Spectrum Management Officer to schedule a briefing session.  Please review the RIC-20 as well as RIC-21 Study Guide for the Restricted Operator Certificate With Aeronautical Qualification (ROC-A) before your briefing. Once your briefing session is completed and the officer has approved you as an accredited examiner, you will receive an examiner package and authorization letter from the Radio Operator Certificate Service Centre (ROCSC).

Q. I lost my Radio Operator Certificate – Aeronautical (ROC-A) and would like a new copy.  How do I go about getting a copy mailed to me?

A. You may submit a request to have your certificate reprinted and mailed to you from the Professional Radio Operators Services page. If you have not already created a user account you can do so from the My Account page.


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